Ashlei has been in the beauty industry for 10 years. She graduated cosmetology school at the age of 21, and began her career as a hair stylist. During her time in the hair industry she Mastered her technique making custom wig unit for clients. She started offering the wig units for client who battled with scalp issues such as alopecia, extreme thinning, broken and damaged hair, etc. 

She loves being able to give her clients the ability to enhance their look and their self confidence! Ashlei also loved the versatility of being able to change her own look quickly without damaging her natural hair. During this time she experimented with different hair, this is when she realized the difference the that quality hair makes in all install. 

She knew then that whenever she did decide to sell hair, she only wanted to offer Luxury and Quality products!  This is how Ashlei Marshe Hair Collection was created!